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Historical Context

Ken Kesey (1935-2001), born in Colorado and reared in Oregon, appreciated nature and loved wrestling. He received a degree in speech and communication from the University of Oregon. Then, with a Woodrow Wilson Scholarship, he enrolled in the Stanford University Creative Writing program. While a graduate student, he participated in life-altering psychology department research involving psilocybin, mescaline, amphetamine, and LSD. For several weeks Kesey, a 24-year-old paid research volunteer, ingested these mind-expanding drugs. Later, as a Veterans Administration psychiatric ward orderly on the night shift, he observed that many of the patients, rather than being crazy, were just nonconformists in a sterile environment. While drug-induced, Kesey hallucinated about an Indian sweeping the floors, who became Chief Broom, his schizophrenic narrator in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. His novel was an immediate success, allowing Kesey and his wife Faye to buy a farm that became a site for...

Synopsis Of The Play

In a flashback scene Chief of Oncology Dr. Kelekian dispassionately announces to Dr. Bearing in medical jargon that she has stage 4 meta-static ovarian cancer with tumors spreading quickly. She will receive eight months of aggressive but experimental chemotherapy, taking the full dose to significantly contribute to knowledge. She must be very tough, he says, and she signs an informed consent. Given this drastic news, Bearing retreats into her intellect, making a mental note to create a bibliography for studying her disease. Both doctors, as academics, commiserate on the state of their students' scholarship. Bearing learns the treatment for her insidious cancer will have pernicious side effects, but she views her plight as a challenge, taking comfort in applying her lifelong discipline of exploring mortality in Donne's Holy Sonnets.

Culture Affects Athleticism

As a young girl, Ila Borders faced many of these hurdles. She was prevented from registering for Little League baseball when she first tried to play at age 10. In college, where she was the first woman to be given a baseball scholarship, she was taunted by her own teammates as well as by members of the opposing team. In a television interview with Mike Wallace of CBS's 60 Minutes, Borders spoke of how her own teammates would throw baseballs at her when she had her back turned, and how players from opposing teams yelled obscenities at her. College scholarships and fan support are on the rise for women who have the support and desire to overcome cultural obstacles, and laws have been enacted to support equal participation of males and females in federally funded sports programs.


Most of the Church Fathers were soaked in the classics of Roman scholarship St Jerome had to put himself under a special penance to stop himself from reading them. The pagan philosophies themselves were still strong and active. The Alexandrian philosopher Plotinus (ad 205-70) had inspired an ascetic, Neoplatonic, or 'gnostic' tradition within the early Christian Church, and his prolific writings on the joys of contemplation lived long after him.14 Plotinus believed that all physical matter was inherently evil. It clogged up the soul and kept it earthbound, when its true celestial existence depended on weightlessness, mingling with the universe above to attain the state of the pure absolute Being, the One. The pure soul had minimal bodily needs, and had to renounce all sexual desire chastity was an essential qualification. Neoplatonic asceticism was widespread among intellectuals of the small farm or villa


It would be difficult to explain to an audience of political activists how intelligent human beings could be as politically unaware as many field biologists and primatolo-gists are. Almost by definition, we are people who lead isolated lives and, by and large, avoid joining groups or movements. In addition, I was the sole woman in my cohort, since I was the first woman graduate student my particular advisor had taken on and only toward the end of the 1970s did I begin to read anything by feminist scholars like Carolyn Heilbrun and Jean Baker Miller. Each step in understanding what, for example, might be meant by a term like androcentric was embarked upon very slowly and dimly, sometimes resentfully, as some savage on the fringe of civilization might awkwardly rediscover the wheel. When I did encounter feminist writings, I was often put off by the poor quality of the scholarship. Sherfey's book is a case in point highly original insights were imbedded in what seemed to me a confused...

The Salerno Regimen

The new universities fed the early medieval 'Romanesque' enthusiasm for literacy, culture, and self-improvement. The message of the health-conscious regimen was strongly promoted by the new university-trained medici, supported by Romano-Islamic classical scholarship such as that of the comprehensive, easy-to-memorize, four-volume Canon of Medicine by Ibn Sina (Avicenna 980-1037). The physicians were eager to get classical preventive medicine on board alongside their other 'cures', and profited well from it their personally tailored regimens and consilia (letters of advice) were available to anyone who could afford them. Throughout Europe there were growing numbers of manuscript tracts and volumes for general readers on all subjects religious and secular and roughly 3 to 4 per cent of these were medical works.16 Evidently one had to be 'wise in science' at court. Encyclopedic 'books of secrets' (such as the famous Aristotle's Secrets) could be read or memorized in short bursts, as well...


Giora Feuerstein received his MSc degree in Pharmacology from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel in 1970 and his MD degree from the Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem, Israel. Following lectureship position in the Department of Pharmacology, Hadassah Medical School (1976-79) Giora Feuerstein obtained the Fulbright scholarship

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Under How We Can Help > Cancer Resources www.nationalchildrenscan-tabs, extensive list of links to obtain information about (1) health insurance and its legal aspects (2) college scholarships and more. Under Program Services tab, information and on-line application for direct financial assistance from the National Children's Cancer Society for paying insurance premiums and for aspects of medical care. Extensive list of college scholarships available to cancer survivors. ped-onc scholarships The SAMFund is an organization dedicated to providing grants and scholarships to young adult survivors of cancer as a way to assist in the financial transition off treatment into the real world. Under Scholarship Info tab, information on college scholarships available for qualified students living with cancer.