Max Mind Lean Body The Over 40 Solution

About The Creators

This program was created by Tom & Dawn Terwilliger. The husband, Tom has competed and won, at the highest levels of physique competition, including twice in the Superbowl of bodybuilding, the Mr. Olympia competition. He has also won the coveted Mr. America title.

The wife, Dawn is an Exercise Physiologist and Psychological Kinesiologist and an in-demand certified personal trainer and coach to celebrities, models and professional golfers.

In 26 years of marriage, this couple has helped thousands of committed women and men, just like you, produce astonishing results in their lives and with their bodies. They know exactly how to align the mind and body for extraordinary results. Now, they want to impact the lives of over 2 million people who are struggling with their weight, feeling old before their time, and searching for a solution. That is why they have put this program together, to give you the mindset strategy that makes it all work when it comes to melting fat and building lean muscle.

About The Program

The Max Mind Lean Body Program is a physical and mental shift towards a younger more energized way of looking, feeling and thinking. Everything in the Max Mind Lean Body Program is designed specifically to change your mindset around your body.

The powerful 30-minute sessions are all about reclaiming your youthful power, destroying limiting beliefs, and developing new physical and mental strength.

The unique compounding effects of the training program will progressively elevate your workout focus and increase your intensity output over a short period creating acute and measurable physical changes (transformations) matched by palpable mental shifts.

This program will take you through 3 Progressive Phases:

  • Foundation & Momentum

Phase I is all about laying the foundation and gaining momentum. It’s where you get to dive into the program and strengthen your commitment through action. In this phase, you’ll begin conditioning your body and increase fat burning hormones.

You'll feel the invigorating and stimulating effects of increased oxygen flow, brain awakening, and clearer thinking and begin to regain the lost rapport with your body.

  • Exceeding Expectations

Phase II is about exceeding your expectations. The creators of the program already have much higher expectations for you than you have for yourself. They know that after completing the “Mind Map Audio Modules” you’ll have much more in you than you think you do right now.

In this phase, you’ll begin to feel yourself getting stronger and see the unwanted body fat melting off and new muscle taking shape.

  • Serious Fat Burn

Phase III is about stretching yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. It’s about reaching even deeper inside and finding that part of you that will not quiet and will no longer tolerate less than all you can be. In Phase III the real transformation has begun to take shape. It will be time to start investing in some new clothes.

Benefits Of The Program

Be it fitness, body sculpting, weight loss, or superabundant energy and health. With the right mindset, you can reduce your time and effort and multiply your results.

This program will quickly shut down the release of destructive catabolic (negative) hormones like cortisol associated with post-workout trauma. Also, the sessions in the program will help flood the cells of your body and brain with rejuvenating oxygen.

Furthermore, this program promotes the immediate production of the anti-aging mind-body rejuvenating hormones like serotonin, melatonin, GABA, DHEA, growth hormones, endorphins, etc.

Max Mind Lean Body Program will also:

  • Relax your “racing brain” and calm your accelerating heart.
  • Elevate your spirit, refocus your mind.
  • Massively accelerate your post-workout recovery and rejuvenation for extraordinary results.

After using Max Mind Lean Body Program for the several weeks, the first thing you notice is that you look less stressed and well-rested; you no longer have those tired old bags under your eyes; your skin looks tighter and more vibrant; your eyes look brighter and more alive and you have to admit it, you look younger, healthier and leaner!

Product Format

This program has been condensed into downloadable guides. You will have full access to the entire program through a unique online portal customized specially for you.

Whom It's For

This program was created for those who are experiencing sudden signs of premature aging, weight gain, reduced energy and sex drive, and a serious loss of muscle.

Max Mind Lean Body The Over 40 Solution
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