Flat Belly Transformation Review

Flat Belly Transformation

The Flat Belly Transformation is a product by bestselling author Hugo Rivera and is specifically designed to help you lose weight in just eight weeks. This revolutionary workout plan also includes brand-new new complementary programs to help you with your weight loss journey.  In addition, the author incorporated all the researches made in the medical field in the last 5 years.

What is Flat Belly Transformation Movement?

Belly Fat Transformation Movement includes revolutionary methods backed by science, which is applied just 20 minutes, three times a week to yield amazing workout results. The product was added on ClickBank on April 2019 and has been used by over 2 million people to rid stubborn belly fat, enhance metabolism and expose lean and sexy abs. Flat Belly Transformation has clocked higher gravity on ClipBank, meaning that it is being purchased many times.

About the Author

Hugo Rivera is an International Bestselling Author decided to come out of retirement to help his fans and fitness buffs to lose stubborn belly fat and get that beach body in just eight weeks with his ‘Flat Belly Transformation” movement. According to Hugo, he has achieved all his major goals in the fitness industry, which include:

  • Becoming an international bestseller author with over 2 million copies sold of his book ‘the Body Sculpting Bible For Men and Women’.
  • Winning multiple natural bodybuilding titles such as Statewide Natural Bodybuilding Title, and coming 4th at the NPC Team Univers.
  • Gaining over a million Facebook followers /fans that he shares with them muscle-building and fat-loss tips.
  • Getting featured in local and natural television numerous times.

Hugo Rivera was anorectic at 12 years old.

What You Get From the Flat Belly Transformation Movement

  • Training Manual

When you join the Flat Belly Transformation program, the first thing you receive is the step-by-step training manual. It includes everything you need for fat-loss transformation journey such as the type of workouts you should do, number of reps, sets, rest periods and much more. The manual also includes proven training strategies and secrets used by Hugo Rivera to become a revered bodybuilding champion. There are no complexities, just open the manual, complete the workouts and you will start to see the transformation.

  • Nutrition Guide

With the internet filled with lots of suggestions on nutrition and diet, it can be overwhelming to narrow down the right kind of food to use during your workout period. But if you join the Flat Belly Transformation, you will receive a nutrition guide perfect for your biggest belly transformation. The guide includes broken down nutrition as well as meal planning in an easy to follow format. If you use the simple formula in the guide, you will begin to witness the body fat melting off and never to ever come back again.

  • Supplement Guide

There are wide pools of nutritional supplements you can choose from. But unfortunately, almost all of them never work and you may end up just wasting your money and time. The Flat Belly Transformation includes short, simple yet highly effective supplement guide so you can work out in confidence knowing you are taking the right staff. The supplement guide goes a step further to highlight and recommends supplements for newbies and pro trainers. The guide has top four suggested supplements for beginners and three for advanced bodybuilders. The best part is that the supplements are totally optional and you can simply focus on training manual and the nutrition plan and still get the desired results.

  • Workout Sheets

This guide aims to help you stick to the workout program. You can print the sheets or just save them on your phone and bring it with you to the gym so you have a clear roadmap of your daily workout routines.

Benefits of Flat Belly Transformation

The Flat Belly Transformation comes with a variety of benefits to help you with your transformation journey, including:

  • Accessing the tried and tested training strategies used by the author to build muscles and lose belly fat very fast.
  • Scientifically proven workouts and nutrition guide so that you know what to eat, what time, and what quantity.
  • Well-researched top of the line supplement to take with your meals. This saves you the hassle of mining the entire internet looking for the right supplement for you.

Flat Belly Transformation Bonus

When you order the Flat Belly Transformation, you will automatically receive 3 special bonuses for free. These bonuses are:

  • 7-Minute Abs Routine
  • 8-Week Special Get Lean Plan
  • Tone your Arms in 6 Weeks Guide


With many workout programs currently available online, it can be difficult to identify the one that you can work with without worrying about drowning your money down the toilet. But Flat Belly Transformation is a legit product guaranteed to give you amazing results at the end. The product has glowing reviews online from satisfied customers, and I think you should also try it.

Flat Belly Transformation
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