The porosity of the hydroxypatitie structure can be controlled similar to the human bone. Thus it is ideal to be used in implants for artificial tooth, hip and knee replacements. Typically most high-bearing implants contain hydroxyapatite coating. The hydroxypatite coating is applied to the core metallic implant using plasma spray technology. This minimizes the delamination of the hydroxypatite coating from the metal implant and prolongs the working life of the prosthesis. Figure 1.7 shows the femoral component of the hip implant that has been coated with hydroxypatite ceramic to promote rapid ingrowth of bone structure. Hydroxypatite ceramic has also been used in maxillofacial implants as bone filler and as orbital implants within the eye socket.

Fig. 1.7 Femoral component coated with hydroxypatite ceramic coating (Courtesy: Biomet Orthopedics [50])

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