Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Quinazoline Compounds

Microwave-assisted organic synthesis is becoming popular with organic chemists and comprehensive reviews are available in recent year [149,150]. Microwave heating is very convenient to use in organic synthesis. The heating is instantaneous, very specific, and there is no contact required between the energy source and the reaction vessel. Recent interest has been focused on "dry media" synthesis and particularly on solvent-free procedure using various mineral oxides [151,152] and solvent-less reactions with neat re-actants in the absence of a catalyst or solid support [153]. Furthermore, the diversity generating potential of multi-component reactions (MCRs) has been recognized and their utility in preparing libraries to screen for functional molecules is well appreciated. Consequently, the design of novel MCRs is an important field of research [154,155]. In this section some selected literature examples of quinazoline synthesis by these methodologies is discussed.

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