Aza-Wittig Methodology in Quinazoline Synthesis (Iminophosphorane Mediated Synthesis)

The utilization of the aza-Wittig method for the synthesis of heterocyclic natural products is spreading out to a variety of nitrogen heterocycles from simple alkaloids to complex functionalized natural products [108-111]. In this review, emphasis will be placed on our results in this area, and in addition on related areas. Topics to be covered include recent progress of quinazoline syntheses by the aza-Wittig method (i.e., iminophosphorane mediated synthesis) focusing on the tandem Staudinger/intramolecular aza-Wittig reaction including quinazolinone annelation, chemoselectivity in the cyclization. Application to synthesis of quinazoline natural products such as benzoma-lvins, and some related examples based on the so-called Eguchi aza-Wittig protocol will be discussed in Sect. 3.

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