Synthesis of 1-Hydroxyindoles, -Tryptamines, and -Tryptophans

In 1989, we created a simple and general synthetic method (Somei's Method) for 1-hydroxyindoles [5-7,9] consisting of the following two steps: (1) reduction of indoles to 2,3-dihydroindoles; (2) their oxidation with 30% H2O2 (or urea-hydrogen peroxide addition compound) in the presence of a catalytic amount of sodium tungstate dihydrate (Na2WO4 ■ 2H2O) or sodium phos-photungstate (2Na2O ■ P2O5 ■ 12WO3 ■ 18H2O). Throughout the following text, we abbreviate the oxidation step as "the tungstate method". Employing this method, many new members of the 1-hydroxyindole family have been discovered since our previous reviews [5-7].

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