Antimalarial Quinazoline Alkaloids Having a Piperidine Ring 3.6.1

Febrifugine and Isofebrifugine

Febrifugine (14) is the antimalarial alkaloid that is isolated from Dichroa febrífuga (Chinese name: Cháng Shan) or Hydrangea umbellate with isofebrifugine (15) [60-63]. Recently, Kobayashi et al. corrected the error in the absolute stereostructure of 14 and 15 as shown in Scheme 30. It is well known that 15 is transformed into 14 by heating [60]. Due to their attractive biological activity, a number of syntheses of these alkaloids have been reported to date [290-299]. In this section, some of selected topics will be discussed briefly.

Kobayashi et al. fulfilled first asymmetric synthesis of febrifugine utilizing tin(II)-catalyzed asymmetric aldol-type reaction and lanthanide-catalyzed

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