Pteriatoxins, Pinnatoxin Analogs from the Okinawan Bivalve Pteria penguin

In our study of shellfish poisons, we observed that a moray eel vomits the viscera of the Okinawan bivalve Pteria penguin. We found that the aqueous EtOH extract of viscera of P. penguin showed potent acute toxicity against mice along with severe convulsion. Guided by this toxicity, pteriatoxins A (7), B, and C (8, 9: a 1: 1 mixture) were isolated as extremely toxic and minor components [16]. Although the isolated yields of pteriatoxins were too low (less than 20 ^g) to deduce their structures by usual NMR analysis, a nano-mole-order structure determination of pteriatoxins was achieved by a detailed analysis of ESI MS/MS. As a consequence, pteriatoxins were determined to



Pteriatoxin A (7)

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