Fig. 5 Antimycins A and related compounds

Fig. 5 Antimycins A and related compounds first total synthesis of (+)-antimycin A3b (blastmycin, 94-3b) was achieved by Kinoshita et al. in 1970 [95,96], however, separation of the diastereomers of 100 was necessary and the yield of macrolactonization to 101 was very low (0.8%). They also reported the improved synthesis of (+)-AA3a and (+)-deisovalerylblastmycin (95a) in 1976 and 1979 as shown in Scheme 11 [97, 98]. Sugar derivative 102 was converted to L-threoninyl ester 104 via fu-ranose 103. Macrolactonization was accomplished by using Mukaiyama-Gerlach's method [99,100] and the resulting diolide 105 was transformed to (+)-AA3b (94-3b) and deisovalerylblastmycin (95a). They also prepared (-)-blastmycinolactol (108) and (+)-blastmycinone (109), degradation products of antimycin A3ab [101].

1. Kinoshita et al. (1970) OBn

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