Antimycins and Related Antibiotics

Since 1946, a series of antibiotic antimycins A (AA, 94-1a~94-9) have been isolated from various Streptomyces species [77-80] (Fig. 5). Antimycin A complex, a mixture of derivatives, has been widely used for biochemical studies. As it inhibits the electron transfer of ubiquinol-cytochrome c ox-idoreductase [81], many scientists have investigated their structure-activity relationships and mechanism of action [82-89]. The related deacyl compounds, deisovalerylblastmycin (95a) [90], urauchimycins 95b and 95c [91], and kitamycins 95d and 95e [92] were isolated from Streptomyces species. In addition, the corresponding L-serine derivatives, UK-2A~2D (96a-d) [93] and UK-3A (97) [94], were added to this series.

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