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List of contributors, vii

Preface, ix

1 john corless: The aetiology and epidemiology of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 1

2 nikos siafakas, eleni tzortzaki, demosthenes bouros: Why do only some smokers develop COPD? 17

3 mike pearson: How should COPD be diagnosed? 34

4 david Bellamy: Is it possible for spirometry to become a universal measurement? 47

5 denis o'donnell, michael fitzpatrick: Assessment of disability: what test, or combination of tests, should be used? 63

6 martin connolly: Do older patients with COPD need a different approach? 84

7 wa lter mc Nicholas: Do COPD patients develop particular problems in sleep? 94

8 james friend: Is it possible to help people stop smoking? 102

9 ronan o'driscoll: Bronchodilators in stable COPD—which one when? 113

10 j0rgen vestbo: Inhaled steroids—do they still have a role? 122

11 peter barnes: What are the future treatments for COPD? 133

12 peter wijkstra, nick ten hacken, johan wempe, gerard koeter: What is the role of rehabilitation in COPD? 147

13 louise restrick: Oxygen therapy—is it possible to prescribe rationally and objectively? 168

14 thomas waddell, roger goldstein: Chronic obstructive lung disease: what is the role of surgery? 182

15 wisia wedzicha: What is an acute exacerbation of COPD? 192

16 mrinal sircar, mark elliott: Which patients with acute COPD exacerbation should receive ventilatory support? 207

17 wisia wedzicha, mike pearson: Outcome measures in COPD — what is success? 227

Index, 241

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