Recommended Daily Intakes

In healthy adults, the daily requirement needed to replace losses from normal protein metabolism is as follows4:

Cysteine + methionine 13 mg/kg body weight

Recommended doses for L-cysteine are in the range of 500-1500 mg/day. If the primary aim of therapy is increasing glutathione levels, cysteine should be supplemented with glu-tamine and selenium. Selenium supports optimum functioning of the glutathione detoxification system5.

The glutathione that is oxidized during detoxification reactions is reconverted to active glutathione by enzymes requiring vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and vitamin B12. Thus, riboflavin or vitamin B12 deficiency reduces glutathione activity in tissues.

Natural Detox

Natural Detox

Are you looking for a full total body detox? If so, then you might want to try a 10 day detox or some refer to it as the 2-week detox. A 10-day detox is a full body detox that usually means taking several different steps to reach your total body transformation. It might involve a change in diet, exercise and more.

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