Micronutrients Cataracts


Suggested daily dose


Vitamin C

1-2 g

May reduce further clouding of the lens5

Vitamin E6

100-400 mg

Plays a crucial role in maintaining clarity of the lens

For prevention of cataract:



Long-term sup-


amounts of


vitamins A, C,

helps prevent

and E, ribo


flavin and zinc


(see pp. 115)

No supplements

Vitamin E intake from supplements

Concentration of vitamin E in plasma

Fig. 5.2: Vitamin Eand cataracts. Among 300 individuals taking supplemental vitamin E (> 400 mg/day), the prevalence of cataract was 56% lower than in those not consuming supplements. Another study found the prevalence of nuclear cataract in 671 adults to be 48% less among individuals with higher plasma concentrations of vitamin E.

(Adapted from Robertson JM, et al. Ann NY Acad Sci. 1989;570:372 and Vitale S, et al. Epidemiol. 1994, 4:195)

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