Foreword vi vi viii ix xi

Chapter 1 Vascular biology of atherosclerosis

Peter F. Bodary, Daniel T. Eitzman

Chapter 2 Quantification of coronary atherosclerosis for cardiovascular risk assessment: the hole in the doughnut? Paul Schoenhagen, Steven E. Nissen

Chapter 3 Primary angioplasty (PPCI) in ST-elevation myocardial infarction

Iqbal Saeed Malik, Rodney Foale

Chapter 4 Coronary angioplasty for acute coronary syndromes Steven Pfau

Chapter 5 High-risk coronary intervention: a selective literature review of high-risk subsets Jeffrey J. Popma, Hung Ly

Chapter 6 Stenting in coronary angioplasty Jeptha P. Curtis, John F. Setaro

Chapter 7 Ancillary techniques in interventional cardiology

John M. Lasala, George Chrysant, Adrian Messerli

Chapter 8 Anti-thrombotic management in interventional cardiology James Tcheng, Steve Kindsvater

Chapter 9 Coronary artery bypass grafts in the era of percutaneous coronary angioplasty Thanos Athanasiou, Brian Glenville

Chapter 10 Epilogue

Gerry Coghlan

Frequently cited papers in coronary angioplasty


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