Both Clive Handler and Michael Cleman would like to thank Professor Lawrence Cohen for writing the foreword to this book and for arranging the transatlantic link between London and New Haven, which was essential for this project, and for his encouragement and wise counsel.

Clive Handler would like to acknowledge the support of his wife, Caroline, and their three children, Charlotte, Sophie and Julius, during the production of this book. The idea for this book came from his colleague from school, Dr Neil Soni, who co-edited the first book in this series, Classic Papers in Critical Care. He is also grateful to his colleague from the Royal Free Hospital, Dr Gerry Coghlan, who not only contributed the final chapter but also proof read the book.

Michael Cleman would like to acknowledge his wife Marilyn, and his children, Jake and Katie for their patience and support in this project. The support and expertise of his interventional colleagues at Yale has been invaluable in collating the material.

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