Nonself reactive B cell

Anergic B cell mechanism for eliminating self-reactivity from the mature B cell repertoire. If the edited light chain rearrangement is nonproductive, rearrangement may proceed at the k locus on the other chromosome, and if that is nonproductive, rearrangements at the X light chain loci may follow. A B cell expressing a X light chain is frequently a cell that has undergone receptor editing.

• Deletion. If editing fails, the immature B cells may be deleted (i.e., they die by apoptosis). The mechanisms of deletion are not well defined.

• Anergy. If developing B cells recognize self antigens weakly (e.g., if the antigen is soluble and does not cross-link many antigen receptors or if the B cell receptors recognize the antigen with low affinity), the cells become functionally unresponsive (anergic) and exit the bone marrow in this unresponsive state. Anergy is due to downregulation of antigen receptor expression as well as a block in antigen receptor signaling.

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