Ck enh enh

X chain locus (1050 kb; chromosome 22)

LVx1 LVxn Jx1 Cx1 Jx2 Cx2 Jx3 Cx3 Jx7 Cx7

FIGURE 8-5 Germline organization of human Ig loci. The human heavy chain, k light chain, and X light chain loci are shown. Only functional genes are shown; pseudogenes have been omitted for simplicity. Exons and introns are not drawn to scale. Each CH gene is shown as a single box but is composed of several exons, as illustrated for C^. Gene segments are indicated as follows: L, leader (often called signal sequence); V, variable; D, diversity; J, joining; C, constant; enh, enhancer.

V Region

C Region

Other H chain

Vh DhJh Ch1

(membrane form) S:

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