Invariant chain (Ii) Class II MHC

CD4+ T cell

Class II MHC pathway

FIGURE 6-14 Pathways of antigen processing and presentation. In the class I MHC pathway (top panel), protein antigens in the cytosol are processed by pro-teasomes, and peptides are transported into the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), where they bind to class I MHC molecules. In the class II MHC pathway (bottom panel), extracellular protein antigens are endocytosed into vesicles, where the antigens are processed and the peptides bind to class II MHC molecules. Details of these processing pathways are in Figures 6-16 and 6-17.

TABLE 6-5 Comparative Features of Class I and Class II MHC Pathways of Antigen Processing and Presentation


Class I MHC Pathway

Class II MHC Pathway

Composition of stable peptide-MHC complex

Polymorphic a chain, p2-microglobulin, peptide Peptide A


Polymorphic a and P chains, peptide Peptide |1


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