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A recent review of 70 occupational cohort studies that addressed B-cell cancer risks in nine major industrial categories explain the limitation and inconsistency in these studies.106 The exposure of painters to chemical compounds is complex, for there are various dyes, pigments, and solvents, which are known to be mutagenic in paint. The specific agent(s), if any, associated with the increased risk of MM in painters has not been identified. Exposure to asbestos has been linked to an increased risk of myeloma in at least two case-control studies.33 105 107 In contrast, other case-control studies have not detected this association.108 It will take further work to determine whether asbestos plays a role in the etiology of MM. An increased risk of MM in workers in wood, leather, and textile industries has been found in some studies, but the results are inconsistent and not universally confirmed by other investi-gators.109-116 Statistical associations have been made between employment as sheet metal workers and an increased risk of MM.113117118 The small numbers of cases and the lack of information on actual type and duration of exposures make it difficult to determine which occupational exposures are responsible for the elevated risks observed.

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