Cyclosporine + G-PBMCb32

5/8 (63%)

aMixed or full chimerism.

bGranulocyte colony-stimulating factor mobilized peripheral blood mononuclear cells.

Effect of TBI dose and postgrafting immunosuppression on engraftment of DLA-identical marrow grafts

No. of dogs with stable engraftment TBI dose Postgrafting (%)a/no. of dogs

(Gy) immunosuppression transplanted malignancies.19 However, high-dose pretransplant therapy does not completely eradicate the malignancy in all patients. Attempts to improve disease-free survival by increasing the intensity of the conditioning regimens were usually accompanied by increases in transplant-related mortality (TRM), and overall as well as disease-free survivals remained unchanged or worsened.2021

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