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I have spent 45 years here at Johns Hopkins University on the full-time faculty in the departments of pharmacology and medicine. Over the past 30 years, my colleagues and I have studied and worked with adult patients suffering from kidney failure, in the hopes of treating them effectively to delay dialysis. Through my studies and those of others, I have become convinced that the best treatment for those suffering from kidney failure is a very-low-protein, supplemented diet, with careful monitoring of lifestyle and of blood pressure to keep kidney failure from progressing. I wrote this book to share with you this knowledge, and hope that you can use it to learn to live with your kidney disease.

Terms, Measures, and Abbreviations equivalent

ESRD mcg mean median mg microalbuminuria milliequivalent millimole micromole

A quantity of a chemical substance equal to the number of grams that participate in a particular chemical reaction with one mole of reactant End-stage renal disease Microgram (one millionth of a gram) The average of a number of observations The value above which half of the observations fall, and below which the other half fall. The median and the mean of a series of observations may differ considerably if there are a few extremely high or extremely low values. The median is more useful for some purposes.

Milligram (one thousandth of a gram)

An increase in urine protein too small to be detected by the usual clinical tools: specifically, between 30 and 200 mg/day.

One thousandth of an equivalent

One thousandth of a mole

One millionth of a mole


A concentration of one mole per liter of solution


A concentration of one millimole per liter of



A quantity of a chemical substance equal to its

molecular weight in grams


One thousandth of a mole


One millionth of a mole


A concentration of one micromole per liter of solu-



Looking at the

Disease of Kidney Failure

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