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Microbiology of soft drinks and fruit juices

Soft drinks and fruit juices represent an important market within the food industry. The increasing variety of products being released at a bewildering rate has altered the potential for spoilage problems. Soft drinks are generally nutrient-poor media that are spoiled by relatively few organisms - usually yeasts, and a few acid-tolerant bacteria and fungi. Carbonation shifts the spoilage flora to those organisms tolerant of carbon dioxide. Soft drinks enhanced by the addition of low levels of fruit juice tend to exhibit similar spoilage flora to fruit juices. The use of ever more exotic raw ingredients may lead to the discovery of unusual spoilage organisms in the future. Yeasts in general, and Zygosaccharomyces bailii in particular, remain the key spoilage organisms because of their overall physiology and resistance to organic acid preservatives (Stratford et al., 2000). Microbial problems within soft drinks and fruit juices can be divided into two groups There have been relatively...

Analysis of soft drinks and fruit juices

Thirty years ago there would have been a limited set of equipment in the quality control laboratory of the majority of fruit juice and soft drinks factories. This would probably have consisted of a refractometer, a burette, a spectrophotometer, an instrument to measure the level of carbonation and some equipment for checking the microbiological integrity of the product. However, with the move to larger Although there are only a limited number of methods that have been validated specifically for soft drinks, there are around 80 validated methods available for the analysis of fruit juices, most of which would work equally well for soft drinks. These methods are published in the International Fruit Juice Union (IFU) handbook of analytical procedures, which offers the best reference collection of methods for the analysis of fruit juices in the world, with new methods added on a regular basis (Anon, 2004a). The IFU's collection of analytical methods covers most of the main procedures...

What Type Of Fruit Juice Is Lovable To All In Nigeria

Emphasising its tremendous importance to the global range of soft drinks products, bottled water claimed a majority 58 share of the volume growth in the 1998-2003 period (Figure 2.9). Carbonated drinks' share of growth was 21 , still drinks claimed a 13 share, followed by fruit juice nectars on 6 and dilutables on 2 . Although it has yet to reach an equivalent level of actual volume consumed to that of carbonated drinks, bottled water now presents a real challenge to carbonated soft drinks. The increasing consumer demand for a healthy soft drink option and the greater awareness of the need to stay hydrated has driven the strong growth in the bottled water category. The concept of high bottled water consumption, which was previously frowned upon in many countries, is becoming increasingly accepted by consumers, and has been boosted by improved availability through both small pack sizes and water for coolers. The United States, a substantial juice-producing nation, is again in the top...

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The term 'soft drink' applies to beverages containing flavourings and or fruit juices together with other constituents of technological or nutritional value designed to enhance the appearance and stability of the product and to ensure its organoleptic properties remain intact during a reasonable shelf life. These factors are taken into consideration in all development work, and in order to meet current stringent quality and legislative controls a new beverage is subjected to extensive trials to assess the suitability and performance of all components in its makeup. It becomes essential to arrive at the correct ingredient formulation to achieve a reproducible product. Table 5.1 lists the functional constituents of soft drinks and their typical usage levels. Each category of ingredient, other than fruit juices and carbohydrate intense sweeteners, is discussed in more detail in the following sections. 96 CHEMISTRY AND TECHNOLOGY OF SOFT DRINKS AND FRUIT JUICES Table 5.1 Soft drink...

Fruit and juice processing

It could be said that freshly pressed fruit juice provides the truly natural answer to all the requirements of a soft drink thirst quenching, fresh, healthy, flavour-some, nutritional and, of course, natural. So why should it have been necessary to look any further towards the creation of different flavour types and the myriad of drink varieties that has appeared over the years in beverage markets around the world Necessity, being the mother of invention, has been the driving force in all this. In the early years of the industry there was a real necessity for soft drinks manufacturers, in order to stay in business, to control a major threat to their trade, that of microbial fermentation and spoilage of the bottled product. A freshly squeezed orange or fresh pulped and strained apple would supply a fruit juice drink for immediate consumption, but to expect it to maintain its quality for even a day or two was tempting providence. Nowadays, with the benefit of ultra-high temperature...

Trends in beverage markets

There are four primary sectors of the global commercial beverage market (Figure 2.1) first, hot drinks, such as tea, coffee and hot malt-based products second, milk drinks, including white drinking milk and flavoured milk products third, soft drinks, a sector with five main subcategories (bottled water carbonated soft drinks dilutables, also known as squash and including powders, cordials and syrups 100 fruit juice, and nectars with 25-99 juice content still drinks, including ready-to-drink (RTD) teas, sports drinks and other non-carbonated products with less than 25 fruit juice) fourth, alcoholic drinks, including beer, wine, spirits, cider, sake and flavoured alcoholic beverages -sometimes referred to as pre-mixed spirits. CHEMISTRY AND TECHNOLOGY OF SOFT DRINKS AND FRUIT JUICES All beverages Fruit juice nectars

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Many non-carbonated RTD products that are not pure fruit juices or nectars are packed in either pre-formed or form-fill-seal plastic packages, although an 6.4 Fruit juices and nectars This chapter will not provide the background to the production of fruit juices and nectars, as that is dealt with elsewhere in this volume. However, fruit juices and nectars represent the largest volume of non-carbonated beverages that are sold in almost every marketplace. It is therefore appropriate that some aspects of these products, particularly those relating to processing and packaging, are mentioned here. Fruit juices and nectars are highly susceptible to fermentation and other forms of microbial spoilage and with few exceptions it is essential that some form of pasteurisation is employed when these products are packaged. The exceptions that are seen usually relate to freshly squeezed orange (or other) juices that are processed directly from fresh fruit and packaged immediately. These products...


Initially, these drinks were flavoured with fruit juice and natural fruit flavours and were often pasteurised in the bottle to avoid including preservatives in the ingredients list. Herbal extracts have more recently been put into diluta-bles, juice-based drinks and, increasingly, bottled waters. A few herbal drinks are coming on to the market with organic certification.

Packaging materials

The importance of packaging in the soft drinks and fruit juices market - be it to preserve, protect or promote the product - cannot be over estimated. Every product will need to be packaged in some form throughout the supply chain. Soft drinks and fruit juices compete with many other beverages - water, milk (natural or flavoured), tea, coffee and so on - for our attention and the ' share of throat'. Whether they are still, carbonated, sweetened, unsweetened, energy-boosting or complement diets, all will claim to be needed in our hectic lifestyles. PET represents one of the most significant recent changes in terms of the packaging materials available to the soft drinks and fruit juice markets. Introduced to the UK market in commercial volumes in the late 1970s, PET has driven the most important market opportunity since the introduction of aseptically filled, single-serve juice drinks cartons. As mentioned above, PET has allowed the drinks industry to develop into more flexible and...

Recommended Daily Intakes

Iron supplements are generally twice as well absorbed when taken between meals.1 Absorption is decreased by taking the iron with tea, coffee, or milk and increased by taking the iron with fruit juice or a vitamin C supplement.4 Slow-release preparations may decrease gastrointestinal side effects (abdomi

Energy Sources Carbohydrate and

For several hours after a strenuous workout, muscle cells are hungry for glucose, and depleted glycogen stores can be quickly and efficiently replenished.4 Therefore, athletes should try to drink three to four cups of fruit juice or eat the equivalent of about five slices of bread within 2 hours after exercise. This carbohydrate will be used to replenish gly-cogen stores, and recovery from the exercise will be enhanced.4

How may the mouthfeel of Queso Blanco be improved

Queso Blanco is a soft cheese manufactured by direct acidification of highly heated (85-90 0C) milk using food-grade organic acids, e.g. acetic, citric, lactic acids. Fruit juices such as lemon juice have also been used. The strength of acid used is typically 1-3 . After whey drainage, the curd is salted, hooped and packaged. The texture and mouthfeel of Queso Blanco depend on the curd characteristics, which are governed by the severity of heat treatment given to milk, acid type used for manufacture and mode of clotting. When the acid used is too strong and the finished pH of the cheese is too low, the cheese has a grainy texture.

Lead Toxicity

Millions of children in Europe and North America have body lead levels high enough to impair intellectual development and produce other adverse health effects.14 Lead is distributed throughout the environment and makes its way into food through contaminated soil and water. Mainly due to the elimination of lead solder on food cans and the reduction in lead from automobile exhaust, levels of lead in foods today are 90 lower than 20 years ago. However, tainted food and drink continue to be sources of lead. Dishware is a potential source small amounts of lead can leach from the glazes and decorative paints on ceramic ware, lead crystal, pewter, and silver-plated holloware. Acidic liquids such as coffee, fruit juices, and tomato soup have a greater tendency to cause leaching of lead. A common source of lead exposure is lead-based paint. Most house paints used in the past were very high in lead - those used before 1940 contain up to 50 lead. Children may ingest lead by


To estimate water needs, an athlete can weigh him herself after a workout if body weight drops more than 2 during exercise, fluid intake has probably been inadequate. In general, at least two large glasses of cool fluid should be consumed for every 0.5 kg of body weight lost. Fluids that are cool and diluted (containing less than 6 sugar) are absorbed more rapidly than concentrated fluids (more than 10 sugar).5 Fruit juices, soft drinks, and many sports drinks have more than 10 sugar, and will be more rapidly absorbed if diluted with about two to three parts water. If exercise exceeds 60 minutes, a sports beverage containing sucrose, glucose, glucose polymers, or maltodextrin can be beneficial, providing energy for muscles and potentially increasing endurance.3,5