Table of Contents

Section I Biological Control Agents

Chapter 1

Parasitoids and Predators

David B. Orr and Charles P.-C. Suh

Chapter 2

Microbial Insecticides

J. Lindsey Flexner and Diane L. Belnavis

Chapter 3

Pheromones and Other Semiochemicals

Chapter 4

Botanical Insecticides, Soaps, and Oils

Richard A. Weinzierl

Chapter 5

Insect Growth Regulators Nancy E. Beckage

Section II Physiological Approaches Chapter 6

Genetic Control of Insect Pests

Alan S. Robinson

Chapter 7

Plant Resistance to Insects

C. Michael Smith

Section III Biotechnology

Chapter 8

Genetic Engineering of Plants for Insect Resistance

John A. Gatehouse and Angharad M. R. Gatehouse

Chapter 9

Genetic Engineering of Biocontrol Agents for Insects

Robert L. Harrison and Bryony C. Bonning

Chapter 10

Environmental Impact of Biotechnology Robert G. Shatters, Jr.

Section IV Regulation

Chapter 11

Regulatory Aspects of Biological Control Agents and Products Derived by Biotechnology

J. Thomas McClintock, Nikolai A. M. van Beek, John L. Kough, Michael L. Mendelsohn, and Phillip O. Hutton

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