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Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet

Reiki Healing Bracelet is an artistic decorations meant to balance chakras and boost your energy quality, leave alone your aura. It is made up of seven gem stones in alignment to the seven chakras of the human body. It is a product of a number of specialists who are much gifted in energy healing systems, well acquainted with the knowledge and principles of energy healing commodities. The product is entirely based on beliefs through which it is known to provide individuals with energy life, maintaining their physical strength as well as a positive environs. Any sincere person who aspire to remain young for as a long as possible is a perfect for this program. The product is made of very unique stones that will with no doubt calm and help you maintain focus. By maintaining your body energy and strength, you will remain healthy and strong for long. Get it now and enjoy a healthy life. Read more...

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Spiritual Connection Pendant

Many times we try to connect to the divine; however, somehow we tend to fail. This failure is not a factor of our faults but the ways in which we try to connect. With Spiritual Connection Pendant, forget about that failure and step into a world of peace and tranquility leading all the way to and governed by the Divine itself. This unusual pendant has a sacred image or symbol of the sacred ancient Tree of Life that is revered by almost every religion and civilization. Even, this regard for the symbol dates back to the ancient times when Mayans, Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Celts, and Assyrian were at their full boom in their respective ages. The main answer of why the Tree of Life is worshipped universally is deep-rooted in the fact that it represents the Divine flow of creation and energy from the creator to every being on this planet. To savor the fruits of that flow and to entrench your connection with the Divine, have this pendant now. Wear it or keep it in your bag, it will grant you the spiritual fullness you deserve and have a desire for. Read more...

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Reiki Healing MasteryBy Owen Coleman

Owen Coleman, a Master Reiki Practitioner and the author of the Pure Reiki Healing Mastery program, believes that human body contains essential life force that helps to regulate body energy with natural therapy. He wish to develop this Pure Reiki method back to the original intend of its founder, without complicated or proglonged training. With this superb self-recovering course, the users will get 3 PDF ebook manuals and videos, a music CD, etc, which can be utilized to gain credibility of being an experienced Reiki expert. You need to use all these items step by step to get complete freedom from stressed and unhealthy lifestyle. You need not use any type of drug or prescription to get cured. It uses simple hand massages, exercises, listening to music, etc. to cure even the most lethal form of brain damage. You can cure a variety of diseases from digestive disorders, heart problems, and skin disorders to mental illness. Bone disorders can also be treated with the help of the program. Read more...

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Spiritual Cosmic Necklace

Cosmic pyramid are the manufacturers of the spiritual cosmic necklace. They are known for the production of mystical jewelry with the use of ancient crystals and artifacts. They are the leading manufacturers in cosmic jewelry production, their design and idea has made them to be the best among the best in the jewelry production. Their products are all of high quality and have a long lifespan to offer you with durability and endurance. Cosmic pyramid have a high reputation in the industry, they are trustworthy and give you nothing but the best. The spiritual cosmic necklace is a product that is designed bath in the essence of the universe, it will glow and grow daily building up energy within. The wearer will emit the positive glow of aura that will spread a positive vibes and energy to surrounding friends and family. This product comes with two bonus e-book packages to blend with the beautiful Pendant namely; meditation mystery and mastery (this will teach you how to heal yourself with powerful meditation technique) and mantra for beginners (this will teach you about the healing power of the mantra). Each e-book with a different meditation technique which cultivates one's synergy (the energy within you). Read more...

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The relevance of phylogeny to socioecology

Primatology, arguments in favour of applying comparative methods based on cladistics to this context tend to refer back to an emphasis on evolution as the unifying concept of biology (Funk and Brooks, 1990). This view notes that patterns of variation and change over time in organismic diversity provide the fundamental data of evolutionary biology, whatever the special features of different subdisciplines might be. Within the subdiscipline of primate socioecology, concern is focused on ecological, behavioural, and life history information, and the patterns of association between them. Research into such associations can encourage the construction of models of evolution that describe the interaction of these sets in hierarchical terms (Salthe, 1985). Models of evolving hierarchical systems have described, on the one hand, ecological hierarchies, or economic systems, manifested in patterns of energy flow in ecosystems. On the other hand, the genealogical hierarchies describe systems of...

Electromagnetic Energy

The unit of P is (V m) X (A m) (W m2), and its direction is along the direction of the wave. P represents the instantaneous power density vector associated with EM fields at a given point. P is a function of time because both E and H are functions of time. Equation 1.19 indicates that the rate of energy flow per unit area in a wave is directed normal to the plane containing E and H. The integration of P over any closed surface gives the net power flowing out of the surface. This is referred to as the Poynting theorem. The field exposure depends on the shape of the source and on the reciprocal of the resulting volume factor.

Historical Context

Huxley, Francis Galton, Thomas Malthus, and Ivan Pavlov, Huxley created ways in his future world to artificially reproduce humans and to condition them to be content with their predetermined lots. Writing Brave New World was his way to address a fear that the world was becoming spiritually bankrupt and settling into an abhorrent conformity. A similar theme is reflected in 1984, the work of his contemporary George Orwell. Huxley's novel describes an economy-driven population in which physical and psychological control is essential. How we choose to advance humanity through breeding techniques is the novel's main concern, casting a cautionary eye on eugenics, the term Francis Galton coined in 1883.

Epithelial Cell Fibroblast Interactions

The possibility that interactions between two different cell types might significantly modulate the production or activation of interstitial collagenase was first suggested by Grillo and Gross.57 Using a wound healing system in guinea pig skin they demonstrated that the wound edge, containing both epithelium and mesenchyme (granulation tissue), had a high level of collagenolytic activity, whereas the separated epithelium and mesenchyme alone showed low activity. When sheets of epithelium isolated from the wound edge were recom-bined with the mesenchyme from the same region, the enzyme activity was restored to the same level as that of whole tissue.

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic doctors (N.D.s) are general practitioners whose medical training covers Western health sciences and diagnosis, as well as a broad spectrum of natural therapies. Since its inception a century ago in the United States, naturopathic medicine has included a diverse list of healing methods, based on the central premise of vis med-icatrix naturae, through the healing power of nature, the body has intrinsic healing powers as it attempts to achieve balance and homeostasis. 1. The healing power of nature Vis medicatrix naturae. Nature acts powerfully through healing mechanisms in the body and mind to maintain and restore health. Naturopathic doctors work to support and restore these inherent healing systems when they have broken down, using methods, medicines, and techniques that are in harmony with natural processes.

Practical Information

Sessions typically last from 20 to 30 minutes and cost between 30 and 60. Practitioners of therapeutic touch may be found in the phone book under various listings therapeutic touch, health services, holistic centers, holistic nurses, and holistic practitioners. More information about therapeutic touch and practitioners may be obtained from Nurse Healers Professional Associates Incorporated, PO. Box 444, Alison Park PA 15101 (412-355-8476)

MMagnets and Electromagnetic Therapy

The use of magnets and electromagnetic fields is a type of energy medicine. Magnets and electricity have been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. They were used in ancient China to stimulate acupuncture sites. In the eleventh and twelfth centuries, it was claimed that lodestones, minerals with natural magnetic qualities, relieved a variety of medical conditions. Paracelsus, a sixteenth-century Swiss physician and alchemist, used magnets to treat seizures. In the eighteenth century, Franz Mesmer, an Austrian physician, proposed a theory of animal magnetism and wrote a book on the subject, On the Medicinal Uses of the Magnet. It was later found that his therapy was based on hypnotism (see the chapter on Hypnosis ), not on any therapeutic effects of magnets. A large number of magnetic and electrical devices were promoted during the nineteenth century, which is sometimes referred to as the golden age of medical electricity. These devices included magnetic insoles, belts,...

Additional Resources Books

In Ayurveda, a harmonious relationship between mind, body, and spiritual awareness is believed to be important. The function of these entities is regulated by three physiologic principles known as doshas. Disease is claimed to be the result of an imbalance of the doshas, and treatment aims to restore dosha balance. As in traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda holds that an important life force, called prana, exists.

Sleep Disturbance In

Clinicians have long been aware of the frequency with which insomnia and fatigue figure in the complaints of individuals living with HIV. Fatigue and sleep disturbance can affect a wide range of activities and even health itself in this population, as the healing benefits of sleep are lost at the time when patients have the greatest need of rest and renewal. A study that compared HIV-positive and HIV-negative homosexual men found that the HIV-infected patients were significantly more likely to report a problem with fatigue, although they slept more and napped more than the HIV-negative subjects. This fatigue interfered with important activities such as employment and driving and was also correlated with measures of immunosuppression and inflammation (Darko et al., 1992). Why do HIV-positive individuals feel fatigued and sleep poorly Although these two complaints are obviously interrelated, they are not synonymous. Some patients with HIV infection may sleep relatively well, wake up...

Self Help and Holistic Medicine

But by the 1970s patients were starting to vote with their feet again, in both Europe and the United States. The complaint voiced by 1970s radical authors such as Ivan Illich, Fritjof Capra, and Rene Dubos was that orthodox medicine was still too uncaring and 'invasive', too narrow and mechanistic, and still far too drug-based. It was failing to cope with chronic disease, and it was certainly failing to deal with the 'whole person' the six- to seven-minute average consultation time was a particular complaint. At the same time women's liberation groups were pioneering medical 'self-help' through feminist medical advice books, self-help videos, classes, and communal group analysis which all proved very effective in launching the widespread natural birth movement (which included the use of massage and warm-water birthing pools, a throwback to ancient Methodist techniques).41 Progressive doctors responded quickly to these critiques. In the United States a pressure group of doctors working...

Inner Cleansing

'Biological cleansing' is a biotechnology of perpetual motion, common to all species. Bio-perpetual motion runs on its own time. As in all other plants and animals our bodies respond obediently to the macrobiological rhythms of our solar and lunar 'body clocks', that prompt us through the years, months, days, and hours, ordaining the time to eat, sleep, give birth, grow, or die.1 Human body-cleansing also has its own physical calendars and clocks. Powerful daily circadian cycles regulate our total energy flow and all the major bodily processes, particularly the arrival and passing of the menses, the fetus, and the faeces. Micro-second cellular activity is constant but it is when we are asleep, or resting, that microbiological 'cleansing' can take place relatively uninterrupted. It is no accident that we cleanse ourselves in the morning from the evacuated remnants of our night's sleep just as we cleanse ourselves in the evenings from the remnants of the day's work.

Vitalist Health Care

The medical bible of the end-of-century European Naturphilosophie vitalists was the health book by Goethe's friend Christian Wilhelm Hufeland (1762-1836), called Makrobiotik, oder, Die Kunst, das menschliche Leben zu Verlangern (1794), translated into English as The Art of Prolonging Life in 1797 (thus taking the strange foreign word Makrobiotik out of the title).64 Makrobiotik was a handbook on how to control the 'rapid or slow vital consumption' of the life force, and how to regulate the 'vital operations' and 'vital organization' of the body. It held out the hope not only of personally prolonging life, but of

Treatment Method

Contrary to its name, therapeutic touch does not actually involve touching. Instead, the practitioners' hands are held 2 to 4 inches from a person's body. Several components make up the therapeutic touch session. After an initial centering procedure, in which a practitioner establishes an appropriate state of mind, the therapist's hands are used to evaluate the energy flow. Undesirable energy is subsequently removed by sweeping hand movements, and beneficial energy is transferred from the practitioner to the treated individuals.

Modern Well Being

The universe, derived from both eastern Asian and Western classical-vitalist cosmologies. It pays close attention to the action of primary elements (earth, air, fire, water, metal, and wood), and to the old existential or environmental categories such as air, food and drink, exercise, sleep and work, the evacuations, and passions of the mind. The body is seen as existing in a biological envelope through which the cosmic physical forces of 'bio-energy' (or ying and yang) flow with a transcendent psychic energy that can be either harmful or benign. There is a particular interest in the tonic therapeutic actions and reactions of the five senses (acting not only through the nose, but through the eyes, the hands, the ears, and the voice) and in psychosomatic medicine generally the term favoured by progressive holistic GPs is 'biopsychosocial medicine'.46 The techniques used to control bio-energy are mainly those preserved and developed in the ancient practical-medicine traditions of...


Population, and among poor but spiritually ambitious civic scholars such as St Augustine (354-430), who was converted to contemplative asceticism by Plotinus, and later turned to his mother's religion, Christianity, to help him sublimate his strong sexual urges by adopting celibacy, or chastity.15 Chastity had always been an attribute of priesthood but was now the ultimate ascetic challenge for the Christian believer.

Clinical Trials

In the setting of a poor functional age, serious comor-bid medical conditions, and particularly patient preference, less intensive chemotherapy or aggressive supportive care may be more appropriate treatment options. Drugs such as hydroxyurea (generally given in doses of 500-3000 mg day, adjusted to the degree of leukocytosis and or treatment-related thrombocytopenia) and low-dose ara-C (at a dose of 10 mg m2) are well tolerated and will reduce leukocytosis for a period of time, though neither will impact survival.96 We use the phrase aggressive supportive care to emphasize that symptoms will be treated vigorously and to distinguish this modality from hospice. Blood and platelet transfusions should be administered to alleviate symptoms stemming from anemia and thrombocytopenia, and antibiotics initiated when appropriate. In addition, integrative therapies such as Reike, therapeutic touch, and herbal medicines may be used by the willing patient. These latter interventions often can be...

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Healing Inside Out and Outside In

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