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Box 34 Number of patients by year and stage at diagnosis 3year survival rate in brackets

This illustrates a phenomenon known as stage migration, often referred to as the 'Will Rogers phenomenon' 10 . Will Rogers was an American humourist famously reported as saying of the 1930s Gold Rush, 'when the Okies moved from Oklahoma to California, they raised the IQ in both states,' implying that even the least intelligent people in Oklahoma were more intelligent than the typical Californian.

A new angle to landscaping

The process involves proteins known as metalloth-ioneins. These were first discovered in the early 1980s in horse kidneys, but have since been isolated in nearly every variety of organism tested. Metallothionein molecules have large numbers of atoms that readily bond onto metals such as zinc, copper, lead, nickel, tin, cadmium, bismuth, mercury, silver, and gold. Depending on their particular structure, metallothioneins can be very selective, accumulating one particular metal to the nearly complete exclusion of all others. A metallothionein that selectively concentrates gold was found in 1986 by medical researchers investigating antiarthritic drugs. Some biotechnology companies have been researching the possibilities of synthesizing this protein and using it in gold mining or processing operations.


The proteins of the Mer Operon are one of the major detoxification mechanisms in mercury-contaminated soils, which often occurs as the result of human activities, especially gold mining. It is also the principal resistance mechanism bacteria possess against the mercurial compounds that were used in some of the first antibiotics, even though it is now somewhat dubious how effective many of these treatments were in the first place.

Golden harvest

There may be gold in them thar hills, but its shine quickly grows dimmer when you add up the cost of labor and equipment needed to extract it, and the pollution created in the process. While Hollywood movie heroes may turn up gold nuggets with only a little light panning, a typical gold mining operation must go through a ton of rock, As well as being one of earth's scarcest metals, gold is also one of its least reactive. One of the few chemicals it readily interacts with is cyanide, which can be a major pollutant in the air, water, and soil around gold mines. Difficult to dispose of cheaply, waste solutions containing cyanide are often kept in open ponds until the chemical is broken down by ultraviolet light. A difficulty crops up if the ore itself contains naturally occurring carbon which it does in about 40 percent of the gold mines in the United States. In this case, the dissolved gold compound will bind onto the carbon in the ore and won't subsequently be attracted out of the...

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