Standards of Vision for Various Occupations

The standards for various occupations can vary from year to year and are more or less exacting, depending on the occupation. In the UK, in order to drive a private motor vehicle, one must be able, in good daylight, to read a number plate with glasses or contact lenses at 67 feet or 20.5 m. A full binocular field of vision is also now required. This must extend at least 120° horizontally and 20° above and below. The field is measured by perimetry using a standard target. It is assumed that any healthy person applying to drive has a normal field of vision but if the driver has any eye condition that might lead to visual handicap, he or she must declare it. The driver and vehicle licensing centre might then ask for a report from an ophthalmologist or an optometrist. Double vision is a bar to driving, if it cannot be corrected by prisms in the glasses or the wearing of an eye patch.

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