Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment Associated with Trauma

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Most rhegmatogenous retinal detachments occur as a result of spontaneous PVD-induced retinal breaks. However, retinal tears can also occur as a result of trauma. A perforating injury of the eye can produce a tear at any point in the retina, but contusion injuries commonly produce tears in the extreme retinal periphery and in the lower temporal quadrant or the superior nasal quadrant. This is because the lower temporal quadrant of the globe is most exposed to injury from a flying missile, such as a squash ball. The threatened eye makes an upward movement as the lids attempt to close. Tears of this kind often take the form of a dialysis, the retina being torn away in an arc from the ora serrata. Warning symptoms in these patients are usually masked by the symptoms of the original injury and they tend to present some months, or occasionally years, after the original injury with the symptoms of a retinal detachment. This is unfortunate because the tear can be treated if it is located before the detachment occurs.

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