Nonpigmented Lesions

Pingueculum is a common mass lesion of the conjunctiva. It is seen as a yellowish nodule usually on the medial interpalpebral fissure. It is a fibrovascular degeneration and is seen in all climates.

Pterygium is a growth of abnormal fibrovas-cular tissue extending from the conjunctiva over the cornea (Figure 15.9). It is thought to result from to chronic irritation from dust and solar radiation. It is more common in hot climates and individuals who work out of doors. Recurrent inflammation of the pterygium is often self-limiting but responds to a short course of topical steroids. If it extends over the visual axis of the cornea it can cause visual impairment and, therefore, surgical excision might be required, although regrowth occurs in a large proportion of patients.

Figure 15.8. Conjunctival melanosis.03
Figure 15.9. Pterygium. EQ

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