Exudative Retinal Detachment

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In such detachments, there are no photopsiae but floaters can occur from associated vitritis or vitreous haemorrhage. A visual field defect is usual. Exudative detachments are usually convex shaped and associated with shifting fluid.

A malignant melanoma of the choroid might present as a retinal detachment. Often the melanoma is evident as a black lump with an adjacent area of detached retina. If the retina is extensively detached over the tumour, the diagnosis can become difficult. It is important to avoid performing retinal surgery on such a case because of the risk of disseminating the tumour. Suspicion should be raised by a balloon detachment without any visible tears, and the diagnosis can be confirmed by transilluminating the eye to reveal the tumour.

Retinal detachments secondary to inflammatory exudates are not common. One example is Harada's disease, which is the constellation of exudative uveitis with retinal detachment, patchy depigmentation of the skin, meningitis and deafness. Its cause is unknown. Exudative detachments do not require surgery but treatment of the underlying cause.

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