There are obvious cosmetic advantages for the wearer of contact lenses, especially the teenager. However, the potential wearer should realise the possible difficulties involved: the need to clean and sterilise the lenses and the need for some degree of finger dexterity when they are inserted and removed. There are numerous and varied cleaning and disinfection systems on the market. Contact lenses might be required for certain pursuits, such as golf or athletics, where the spectacle wearer is handicapped by misting up of the glasses in wet weather. Patients over the age of 45 or 50 will find that they require reading glasses as well and these, of course, must be worn over the contact lenses, thereby somewhat reducing the cosmetic value of the latter. Multifocal contact lenses are available but have limited success. Some patients tolerate being corrected in one eye for distance vision and in the other for reading with contact lenses. Care should be taken in this situation when assessing the visual acuity because the eye corrected for near vision will be blurred for distance.

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