Benefits for the Visually Handicapped

There is no blind pension in the UK but those registered blind have a special income tax allowance and some exemptions from deductions from income support. Blind persons can have parking concessions and a free National Health Service (NHS) sight test, as well as rail cards and bus passes. Disability living allowance can be available for blind people under the age of 65 years but for the over-65s, only those who are both blind and deaf can qualify. Those seeking these concessions should consult an expert in the field. There are a number of voluntary organisations that run clubs, social centres and supply various other aids and benefits. For example, the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) provides a comprehensive range of services including the popular talking-book service. It also supplies regular funds for research into the causes of blindness.

The system of registration applies equally to children. In this instance, registration calls attention to the need for special educational requirements. These can include a specialist resource teacher, low visual aids, and other special supplies and equipment. If necessary, special schooling might need to be considered.

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