Toxification versus Detoxification

The key point is that a given species was not able to 'predict' what kind of xenobiotics it would be exposed in future since the organisms and their constituents in its environment obviously also underwent evolutionary changes. Thus, excretory systems of low specificity and hence high flexibility provided an evolutionary advantage. However, there was a price to pay for this flexibility. The low substrate specificity of the enzymes catalyzing the reactions allowing for a vast array of 'unforeseen' lipophilic xenobiotics to ultimately be converted to metabolites sufficiently hydrophilic for excretion quite frequently led to toxic intermediary metabolites.1 Therefore, drug metabolism leads to both detoxification and toxification. Indeed, practically all drug-metabolizing enzymes that have been investigated so far play dual roles: detoxification and toxification. However, for individual structural elements of a given drug it becomes increasingly possible to predict whether a given enzyme will lead to toxification or to detoxification, an important basis for extrapolations from an experimentally used animal species to human when the enzyme in question is expressed to vastly different levels between these species, as is frequently the case.1

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