A Flavonoids coumarins etc b No data or very weak activities

antibacterial sulfonamides such as sulfadimethoxine (46, Figure 16) since it produces highly water-soluble metabolites that show no risk of crystallizing in the kidneys.

N-Glucuronidation of aniline-type aromatic amines has been observed in a few cases only (e.g., benzidine). Similarly, there are a few observations that primary and secondary basic amines can be N-glucuronidated, for example, imidazole derivatives such as atipamezole (47, Figure 16), a substrate of UGT1A4.87 N-Glucuronidations of particular significance in humans are seen in the formation of quaternary glucuronides, also known as N + -glucuronides.86-89 More and more lipophilic, basic tertiary amines containing one or two methyl groups (e.g., antihistamines and neuroleptics)

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