Synonyms: Pityriasis versicolor; dermatomycosis furfuracea.

Clinical Presentation (Fig. 13A):

■ Slightly scaly macules and patches

■ Hypopigmented in dark-skinned and hyperpigmented in light-skinned persons

■ Symmetrical on the trunk, sometimes involving proximal extremities

■ Recurrences are the rule

Histopathology (Figs. 13B and C):

■ Sparse superficial perivascular infiltrate of lymphocytes

■ Short branching septate hyphae and spores in the corni-fied layer

■ Slight hyperkeratosis in basket-weave fashion

■ Slight spongiosis and parakeratosis rarely

Clinicopathologic Correlation:

Clinical Feature

Pathologic Feature

Hypopigmented macules

Malassezia furfur in the cornified layer

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