Polymorphous Light Eruption

Synonyms: Polymorphic light eruption; summer prurigo, summer eruption; prurigo aestivalis.

Clinical Presentation (Fig. 7A):

■ Scattered edematous papules and plaques

■ Sites exposed to sunlight, mostly the face, chest, and arms

■ Young women especially

■ Variations include actinic prurigo (occurs in Indians of North and South America) and spring eruption of juveniles (vesicles on helices of boys)

Histopathology (Figs. 7B and C):

■ Sparse to moderately dense infiltrate of lymphocytes

■ Extravasated erythrocytes often

■ Marked edema of the papillary dermis

■ Spongiosis of variable extent sometimes

Clinicopathologic Correlation:

Clinical Feature Pathologic Feature

Papules Perivascular infiltrates of lymphocytes and edema in the papillary dermis

Scale-crust Parakeratosis above spongiosis

Differential Diagnosis:

Tumid Lupus Erythematosus

Hydroa Vacciniforme

Superficial and deep infiltrate of

Superficial and deep infiltrate of



Abundant mucin in the reticular

No mucin


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