Pityriasis Lichenoides And Varioliformis Acuta

Synonym: Mucha-Habermann disease. Clinical Presentation:

■ Acute eruption on the trunk and extremities typified by recurrent crops of hemorrhagic, erythematous papules or vesiculopustules with central necrosis that heal within several weeks with no scarring or occasionally with varioliform scars.


■ Vacuolar alteration of the basal keratinocytes (Fig. 6C)

■ Superficial and deep lymphocytic infiltrate with obscuration of the dermoepidermal junction (Fig. 6A)

■ Neutrophils in the stratum corneum (Fig. 6B)

■ Necrotic keratinocytes scattered throughout the epidermis (Fig. 6C)

■ Erythrocytes interposed between keratinocytes (Fig. 6C)

Clinicopathologic Correlation:

Clinical Feature

Histopathologic Correlate

Hemorrhagic lesion

Erythrocytes interposed

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