The Discovery of CD137L

The ligand for murine CD137 (CD137L) was originally identified by constructing soluble forms ofthe putative CD137 (encompassing amino acids 24-176; Goodwin et al., 1993; Kwon and Weissman, 1989). To ensure high-affinity binding of the soluble CD137 receptor to its putative ligand, and to aid purification of the soluble receptor, soluble CD137 was fused to the Fc portion of human IgG1 (Goodwin et al., 1993). Progress in CD137L biology has not gained as much momentum as that of its counterpart, CD137. A few isolated reports have suggested a role for CD137L in immune regulation (DeBenedette etal., 1999; Langstein etal., 1998; Pollok et al., 1994; Wilcox et al., 2002).

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