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Testosterone (Table 1) is the principal androgen in human circulation. Androgens stimulate and maintain masculine sexual characteristics of the genital tract, secondary sexual characteristics, fertility, and anabolic effects of somatic tissues.1'2 Testosterone may be used clinically at physiological doses for androgen replacement therapy, but pharmacological androgen therapy is often abused. The goal of testosterone replacement therapy is to attempt to duplicate the normal physiological pattern of androgen exposure to the body.3 This is currently best accomplished with testosterone, rather than synthetic derivatives of testosterone. Thus, an understanding of the normal and pathophysiology of testosterone secretion and action is required as a basis for replacement therapy.

Testosterone deficiency and infertility are major manifestations of male hypogonadism. Hypogonadism is often used to denote testosterone deficiency. Some clinical disorders in males present with infertility, but without testosterone

Table 1 Structure of testosterone and its derivatives

Generic name

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