Limitations of Studies to Date

The critical point is that BMI does not differentiate between fat and muscle; BMI and changes in BMI do not exclusively reflect total adipose tissue mass (TATM) or changes in TATM. MM contributes significantly to BMI, and at any given BMI the relative contributions of TATM (and its components, VAT and SAT) and muscle tissue to it may vary substantially between individuals. Consequently, body composition cannot be inferred from BMI data accurately and across the whole spectrum of BMIs. Moreover, to date in hemodialysis patients only limited data on the relative contributions of SAT and VAT to TATM are available [8]. So far, no comprehensive study on body composition (defined in terms of MM, VAT, and SAT) and its relationship to outcomes has been performed in MHD patients. The question of a relationship between visceral mass and outcomes has not been addressed at all. There exists a gap in our understanding of the relationship between BMI and body composition (in terms of fat, MM, and visceral organ mass) and on how the components of body composition relate to outcomes in MHD patients.

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