Current Conclusions with Regard to Ca Modeling

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(1) A model of Ca balance during dialysis has been developed from review of polished data.

(2) Further In vitro and in vivo studies will be required to acquire a data base for KoACa in low-flux and high-flux dialyzer and QeCa which can be used to reliably calculate in vivo D Ca from dialyzer KoACa, Q b and De form in vivo mass balance studies.

(3) In vivo mass balance studies at RRI will be required to validate the model over appropriate ranges of DCa and (CdiCa - CpiCa).

(4) Interdialytic Ca mass balance studies will be required to assess mass balance over the complete dialysis cycle and optimization of Ca balance during dialysis.

(5) When the model is fully validated it should be possible to reliably prescribe and analyze Ca mass balance during dialysis.

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