I would like to thank my BE525 students from spring term of 2005, who helped to proofread the draft version of Biofluid Mechanics in Cardiovascular Systems. Thanks to Adnan Ayub, my student, who worked hard to bring me the errors he found in the initial version. Special thanks to another student, Megan Whitaker, an outstanding artist and exceptional proofreader, who also helped to find errors in my writings so that future readers won't be forced to see them.

I wish to thank Ken McCombs and the editorial and production staff at McGraw-Hill for their assistance.

Thanks to my friend and colleague Dr. Jerry Fine, the unofficial Dean of Mountain Climbing at Rose-Hulman, who is responsible for significant improvements in Chapters 7 to 10 because of his very helpful comments.

Thanks to the faculty in the Applied Biology & Biomedical Engineering Department at Rose-Hulman for their counsel and for putting up with a department head who wrote a book instead of giving full concentration to departmental issues.

In writing this book I am keenly aware of the debt I owe to Don Young, my dissertation advisor at Iowa State, who taught me much of what I know about biomedical fluid mechanics.

Thanks to my adult children Bill and Sarah for their support and for staying out of trouble long enough for me to write a book. They are great kids.

Most of all I would like to thank my colleague, wife, and best friend Gabi Nindl Waite, who put up with me during the long evening hours and long weekends that it took to write this book. Thanks especially for everything she taught me about physiology.

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Chapter 1

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