Chemo Secrets From a Breast Cancer Survivor

Breast Cancer Survivors

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Preface v

Contributors xi

Part I. General/Background 1

1 Chemoradiation: Biological Principles and Perspectives 3

Hak Choy and Robert M. MacRae

2 Fluoropyrimidines as Radiation Sensitizers 23

Muhammad Wasif Saif and Robert B. Diasio

Part II. Mechanisms of Interaction of Specific

Chemotherapeutic Agents with Radiation 45

3 The Role of Platinum Complexes in Combined Modality

Therapy 47

Beverly A. Teicher

4 Taxanes in Combined Modality Therapy 65

Robert M. MacRae and Hak Choy

5 Camptothecin Radiation Sensitization 93

Tyvin A. Rich

6 The Role of Gemcitabine in Combined Modality Therapy 105

Jerome Landry, William Blackstock, Robert M. MacRae,

Gary Yang, and Hak Choy

Part III. Clinical Applications 127

7 Chemoradiation Strategies for Patients with Malignant

Gliomas 129

Heather A. Curry and Walter J. Curran, Jr.

8 Combined Modality Strategies in the Treatment of Head and Neck Cancer 145

Cathy Eng and Everett E. Vokes

9 The Role of Combined Modality Therapy for Stage III

Nonsmall-Cell Lung Cancer 175

Roger W. Byhardt

10 Combined Modality Treatment of Small-Cell Lung Cancer 197

Julie R. Brahmer, Larry Kleinberg, and David S. Ettinger

11 The Role of Chemoradiation in the Management of Esophageal Cancer 215

Arlene Forastiere and Bapsi Chak

12 Combined Modality Therapy in Locally

Advanced Breast Cancer 237

Silvia C. Formenti and Matthew Volm

13 Combined Modality Therapy for Gastric, Pancreatic, and Biliary Tract Carcinomas 253

Alexandria Phan and Jaffer A. Ajani

14 Chemoradiation in Therapy for Colon and Rectum

Carcinoma 271

Jason H. Lee and Christopher G. Willett

15 Chemoradiotherapy in Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer 291

Bruce J. Roth

16 The Role of Combined Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy in the Treatment of Gynecologic Malignancies 303

Patricia J. Eifel

Part IV. Specific Molecular Targeted Agents 321

17 Overview of Specific Molecular Targeted Agents for Combined Modality Therapy 323

Scott Saxman and Janet Dancey

18 Receptor Tyrosine Kinases as Therapeutic Targets in Solid Tumors 339

Stacy L. Moulder and Carlos L. Arteaga

19 Adenoviral p53 Gene Therapy Strategies in Nonsmall-Cell Lung Cancer 349

Stephen G. Swisher and Jack A. Roth

20 Tumor Microvasculature as a Therapeutic Target

During Radiotherapy 359

Dennis E. Hallahan and Don Stacy

21 Cancer Drug Discovery and Development: Maximizing the Therapeutic Potential of Matrix Metalloproteinase

Inhibitors for the Treatment of Cancer 379

Jeffrey S. Humphrey, Karen Price, Elora Gupta, Andrew Baxter,

John Bird, Daryl Sonnichsen, and Joseph Naglich

22 The Role of Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibitors in Combined Modality

Therapy 391

Hong Pyo, Raymond N. DuBois, and Hak Choy

Index 409

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