Limited scientific collaborations have been conducted historically between immu-nologists, geneticists, and cell biologists who study cancer. This situation is beginning to change with an emerging consensus among all cancer researchers that inflammation and immune escape play key causal roles in the development and progression of malignancies. This finding is particularly true for adult solid tumors, the causes of which are complex and multifac-toral, posing a major clinical challenge. This book aims at cross-fertilizing ideas and concepts among investigators who are striving to develop combinatorial immunologi-cal or pharmacological agents as cancer therapeutics. The specific goals are (1) to highlight emerging principles of immune suppression in cancer patients and (2) to discuss how to combine immunotherapeu-tic and chemotherapeutic agents to defeat mechanisms of immune or inflammatory suppression and improve cancer treatment. Many immune-based therapies have focused on activating the immune system.

However, it has become increasingly clear that these therapies are thwarted by the ability of cancers to evade or suppress the immune system. In this book, contributors with variety of perspectives and diverse experience provide an overview of how tumors evolve to evade the immune system, describe the nature of standard and experimental approaches used to treat cancer in oncology clinics, and explain how these approaches might be enhanced by inhibiting important mechanisms of tumoral immune tolerance and suppression.

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