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The Relationship between Exercise and Seizures

Deep breathing, or hyperventilation, is used to activate abnormal discharges (epileptiform activity) in the brain during an electroencephalogram (EEG). This provocative measure is particularly useful to diagnose absence epilepsy of childhood, a condition characterized by brief staring spells with a stereotyped, corresponding EEG abnormality (3-Hz spike and wave). The ability to activate seizures and EEG abnormalities through hyperventilation infers a potential risk of seizures from increased respirations during strenuous exercise in patients with epilepsy. Esquivel and his colleagues studied this in patients with childhood absence epilepsy and concluded that hyperventilation and strenuous exercise are not the same. Seizures and EEG abnormalities increased during hyperventilation in these children, but seizures did not occur when the children exercised (9). The authors concluded that children with this type of epilepsy should not be discouraged from exercising.

Anxiety Management Skills

It can be useful to provide anxiety management strategies early in therapy because (1) they can give patients a degree of control over their distress, and (2) these techniques are relatively simple to use. Be aware that most patients experience considerable distress during the initial sessions because they are confronting and expressing upsetting memories. The utility of reducing arousal in the acute posttrauma phase is also indicated by evidence that acute arousal is associated with chronic PTSD (Shalev et al., 1998). Giving the patient some tools to assist mastery over the acute anxiety can provide both a sense of relief and a motivation to comply with more demanding therapy tasks. Anxiety management often involves progressive muscle relaxation (Ost, 1987) and breathing retraining, which aims to achieve 10 breaths a minute. Although these techniques are simple, therapists need to be aware that focusing on bodily sensation or on breathing can trigger reminders of the trauma. First,...

Which patients should be included in pulmonary rehabilitation

Pulmonary rehabilitation is indicated for patients with a respiratory impairment who still are dyspnoeic despite optimal medical management, have reduced exercise tolerance, and have a handicap due to this pulmonary disorder. This means that all patients with complaints due to pulmonary diseases might be included in programmes. However, in this chapter we will focus on patients with COPD only. In the recent position paper of the American Thoracic Society (ATS), some indications were given for referral for pulmonary rehabilitation (Table 12.1) 1 . The problem with these indications is that they are general and therefore not easy to use in clinical practice. Only a few studies have focused on assessing which patients with COPD are ideal candidates for rehabilitation. Zu Wallack et al. included in their study patients with a mean FEVj of 1.0 L, and offered them a rehabilitation programme consisting of 12 3-h sessions given over 6weeks 19 . The patients were supervised by a team...

Intervention for the Acutely Ill Isolated or Hospitalized Patient

Rehabilitation and exercise are very important for hospitalized patients. Goals for acutely ill patients will be focused on comfort and prevention of unnecessary secondary complications. Bed rest and immobility combined with cancer treatments can result in rapid loss of muscle strength, contracture, pulmonary complications, skin damage, and osteoporosis. Interventions to prevent these problems may include positioning, frequent change of position, active bed exercises, and breathing exercises and airway clearance techniques if respiratory function is compromised 32 . Patients should get out of bed for weight-bearing activities as soon as possible. Patients in isolation, such as recipients of bone marrow transplants, require encouragement and activity opportunities to remain mobile, maintain the ability to perform activities of daily living, and avoid boredom 32 . Stationary bicycles, ergometers, treadmills, or light weights can be used if appropriate disinfection protocols are...

Treatment Method

Ayurveda consists of several components. As in traditional Chinese medicine, pulse and tongue evaluation are important for diagnosis. Diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, and specific supplements are used therapeutically. Yoga, breathing exercises, massage, and meditation, discussed elsewhere in this book, are also components of Ayurveda. One type of Ayurvedic meditation, transcendental meditation (TM), was popularized by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Another important aspect of Ayurveda, panchakarma, is used for disease prevention. Panchakarma means five processes and includes massages, sweat baths, vomiting, enemas, and bloodletting (through the use of leeches).

Description of PE

Therapist continues to educate the client about trauma and PTSD by discussing reactions that are commonly reported by people who have experienced trauma. Second, the therapist introduces in vivo exposure. In addition to providing a framework for understanding the patient's symptoms and normalizing the reaction to the trauma, the discussion of common reactions provides an opportunity for the patient to identify specific difficulties that he or she has experienced. Once this discussion is completed, the therapist provides a detailed rationale and description of the in vivo exposure procedure. Together the client and therapist construct the hierarchy by identifying situations that the patient avoids and rating each situation on a subjective distress scale. This hierarchy will guide the in vivo exercises through the balance of the program. Homework assignments for the second session consist of (1) reading a handout that describes the common reactions to trauma discussed in the session (2)...

Modern Well Being

The universe, derived from both eastern Asian and Western classical-vitalist cosmologies. It pays close attention to the action of primary elements (earth, air, fire, water, metal, and wood), and to the old existential or environmental categories such as air, food and drink, exercise, sleep and work, the evacuations, and passions of the mind. The body is seen as existing in a biological envelope through which the cosmic physical forces of 'bio-energy' (or ying and yang) flow with a transcendent psychic energy that can be either harmful or benign. There is a particular interest in the tonic therapeutic actions and reactions of the five senses (acting not only through the nose, but through the eyes, the hands, the ears, and the voice) and in psychosomatic medicine generally the term favoured by progressive holistic GPs is 'biopsychosocial medicine'.46 The techniques used to control bio-energy are mainly those preserved and developed in the ancient practical-medicine traditions of...

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