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Hip Fracture Risk Calculator For Healthy Postmenopausal Women

Step 1. Enter the woman's age, hip bone density (Z-Score) and relative risk (RR) per SD for hip fracture (default 2.6).

Step 2. Check off the woman's clinical risk factors.

r Fracture after age 50 r r Current Smoker r r Health status: fair or poor r r Family history of osteoporosis r r Previous hyperthyroidism <~

r Current weight < 50 kg Step 3. Press the "Calculate" button.

Fall in last 12 months On feet < 4 hours/day Height at age 25 > 188cm Height loss since age 25 > 3cm Unable to rise from chair without arms

Calculate I Raset |

Fig. 10-12. Five-year and lifetime hip fracture risk calculation as seen at fracture/ based on age, hip bone density z-score and risk factors. Reproduced with permission of Dr. William Leslie, St. Boniface General Hospital, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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