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Beekeeping Is The Big Buzz Word Right Now, Learn How To Become A Beekeeper With This Easy To Follow Guide. Author Provides Full Email Support And Owns One Of The Largest Beekeeping Forums On The Internet. This ebook contains: Beekeeping 101 is a detailed, illustrated training manual that covers the most important aspects of beekeeping such as the most popular type of bee and the ideal size and location for your colony. A list of the equipment needed to launch your beekeeping operation and the approximate cost is extensively covered in Beekeeping 101. As a beekeeper myself, I have numerous books on the subject and I have found that there are many beekeeping books out there that are difficult to understand and may give only a portion of the information needed to start a successful beekeeping operation. For the aspiring new beekeeper it is essential to have a comprehensive manual that takes you by the hand and walks you through every phase of beekeeping. Beekeeping 101 discusses the best time to set your hives, when to harvest the honey, various methods used to harvest honey, and how to prepare your bees for the cold winter months.and that is just a short list of what this eBook contains! Are you worried the information covered may not apply to your area? Don't be! There are separate downloads for the Usa as well as a European / Uk version to make sure you are getting the most current information for your area. Pictures throughout the entire eBook illustrate ideas that make it even easier to understand! The anatomy of a bee and hive construction will no longer be a mystery with the included diagrams. It also includes the most common bee diseases and how to recognize and treat them. As a bonus you will also receive a truly fascinating crash course in hive behavior! More here...

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Build Your Own Warre Garden Backyard Top Bar Beehive

The book contains: Detailed pictures and diagrams showing every hive part and component so you can easily visualize your completed beehive as you build it. 8 chapters detailing every part of the beehive to make sure you get all the info you need to build your hive. The types of materials I use to build beehives. These materials are easy to find and also very inexpensive. You can build a complete beehive for less than a night on the town! 56 pages! I don't alloon my books. You get content and a lot of it in a concise, easy to read format. Step by step Point of View pictures look over my shoulder as I build, finish and install a complete beehive. Never worry about getting lost in the instructions again! You'll know exactly what to do and when to do it! More here...

Build Your Own Warre Garden Backyard Top Bar Beehive Summary

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Beekeeping Ebook Swarm Traps And Bait Hives

Want Free Bees? With This E-book, You Can Learn The Old Craft Of Swarm Trapping To Get Bees For Free. The First Swarm A Beekeeper Catches More Than Pays For The Book. It Will Work For Even The Newest Beginner! All Instruction Included! This book is easy to understand, with dozens of pictures on how to hang boxes to transfer bees. Packed Full of tips and tricks like why to use old wood vs new wood, and to hang traps on lone trees in fields. You will learn the important aspects of swarm trapping to make you successful in catching bees: How to build a swarm trap. How to bait a swarm trap. How to manage multiple traps easily. Where to place swarm traps for improving your chances. How to avoid swarm traps crashing. When to put swarm traps out. When to pick swarm traps up. How to avoid several pitfalls of swarm trapping. Plus lots and lots of other little things that will improve your chances of catching swarms in your traps More here...

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Start Practical Beekeeping & Discover Honey Bee Secrets

Bee keeping is one of the cheapest farming activities to start up. You only Need bee hives, a quality bee suit, hive tool, a smoker and gloves. It is also a sustainable agricultural activity. The honey bee is a natural resource! Recent decline in bee populations is a major scare for governments arund the world. If pollination of main food sources were to suffer farming production would suffer. By developing your skill in the beekeeping niche you can provide bee hives for healthy bees and help restore the natural balance of nature. You also get to make a serious profit from it! Revealing Beekeeper Secrets Of Creating New Queen Bees, Catching Wild Swarms & Harvesting Honey. Learn About Bee Diseases And Pests, Maintaining Your Apiary And Top Quality Beekeeper Equipment! Find Out About The Bee Family And Splitting Colonies. Whats more, inside Practical Beekeeping, you also get to benefit from the following too:To Make a Profit Farming Bees. Learn about nature. Make and Eat your own bee honey! Learn how to become a beekeeper. Make Pure Beeswax Candles that smell fantastic. Make Money Selling Honey! How to treat a bee sting. Beekeeping suits that protect against bee stings. Start a part-time business selling your bee honey. Start hiring out your honeybees to pollinate crops. BEarn passive income with bee pollen, royal jelly. Increase Crop production by up to 4 Times. Making money with bee honey, comb honey & bee pollen. Increase seed production for agricultural & floral use More here...

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Beekeeping For Beginners

Even if you don't know anything about beekeeping, you'll find all the basics of beekeeping that you need to know in Beekeeping For Beginners. This guide will take you from knowing next to nothing about beekeeping to enjoying your first harvest of honey! In Beekeeping For Beginners, You'll Discover: How you too can start beekeeping, step-by-step! How your bees ripen your honey (hint: see your bees doing this, and you know your honey is being ripened!) The best time of year to start beekeeping. How to tell and what to do if your queen bee dies. Where to keep bees and what kind of bees should you get (Live in the city? No problem!) What to make a watering trough for your bees out of? What swarming is and why bees are so peaceable during it. How to remove bees from a frame to put them in their new home. Using a smoker to make your bees completely calm. Who should keep bees? If you live north of , you should winter your hives (indoors or outdoors) here's how. What kind of hive should you use for your bees and what direction should your hives face? The best trees, plants, and flowers for bees to produce as much and as best honey as possible. The two simple & easy things you can buy to be safe from bee stings (page 41) How many hives you should start with.

Beekeeping For Beginners Summary

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Author: Keith Gilbert
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What Are The Current Issues Beekeepers Face

Beekeepers face at least two serious problems in maintaining their hives. Many diseases occur when bees are placed in hives more crowded than their natural environment. Consequently, the bees are more likely to die. Fewer bees means fewer colonies of bees, which results in less honey produced and less crops pollinated. Also, the expensive equipment used for beekeeping can easily become contaminated. In many cases, such equipment must be destroyed when contamination cannot be removed. Because of bee diseases and equipment problems, it costs beekeepers more to do their jobs. In the United States, Africanized honey bees have been identified as a public health concern. (Also called killer bees, these bees are African bees raised for research in South America that have escaped and spread north.) However, since 1990, the number of bee-related deaths in the United States has stayed about the same each year even though more people are stung. More bee-sting deaths have occurred, however, in...

Bees are Busy as Bees Producing Honey

Early harvesting of honey and beeswax involved the killing the bees living in the hives. In 1851, American apiarist Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth (1810-1895) discovered how bees build their hives what he called the principle of bee space. Langstroth found that bees built hives with about 0.23 inches (0.6 centimeters) of space between wax combs. With this knowledge, beekeepers made artificial hives so that each comb could remain separated from neighboring combs. Consequently, individual combs could be removed from a hive in order to harvest honey and wax without killing the bees.

How To Become A Bee Keeping Pro

How To Become A Bee Keeping Pro

Companies that have beekeeping stuff deal with all the equipment that is required for this business, like attire for bee keeping which is essential from head to torso, full body suits and just head gear. Along with this equipment they also sell journals and books on beekeeping to help people to understand this field better. Some of the better known beekeeping companies have been in the business for more than a hundred years.

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