Order II Acidithiobacillales ord nov

George M. Garrity, Julia A. Bell and Timothy Lilburn

A.ci.di.thi.o.ba.cil.la'les. M.L. masc. n. Acidothiobacillus type genus of the order; -ales ending to denote order; M.L. fem. n. Acidithiobacillales the Acidithiobacillus order.

The order Acidithiobacillales was circumscribed for this volume on the basis of phylogenetic analysis of 16S rDNA sequences; the order contains the families Acidithiobacillaceae and Thermithioba-cillaceae.

Autotrophs utilizing reduced sulfur compounds; mesophilic or moderately thermophilic.

Type genus: Acidithiobacillus Kelly and Wood 2000, 513VP.

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