Halothiobacillaceae ML neut n Halothiobacillus type genus of the family aceae ending to denote a family ML fem pl n Halothiobacillaceae the Halothiobacillus family

Cells are rods, motile by polar flagella, contain ubiquinone Q-8, and are obligately aerobic and chemolithotrophic. Gram negative, belong to the Gammaproteobacteria, halotolerant and halo-philic, obligately chemolithoautotrophic. Aerobic chemolitho-autotrophic growth is dependent on the oxidation of inorganic sulfur compounds or elemental sulfur and the fixation of carbon dioxide by the Calvin-Bassham-Benson reductive pentose phosphate cycle. In nature, members of the Halothiobacillaceae occur in seawater and marine mud, fresh water, salt lakes, and hydrothermal vents.

Type genus: Halothiobacillus Kelly and Wood 2000, 515 emend. Sievert, Heidorn and Kuever 2000, 1235.

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