Genus XXII Thiorhodovibrio Overmann Fischer and Pfennig 1993 188VP Effective publication Overmann Fischer and Pfennig 1992 334

Johannes F. Imhoff and Jorg Overmann

Thi''brio. Gr. n. thios sulfur; Gr. n. rhodon the rose; L. v. vibrio vibrate; M.L. masc. n. vibrio that which vibrates; Thiorhodovibrio rose vibrio with sulfur.

Individual cells vibrioid to spirilloid, motile by a single polar flagellum, multiply by binary fission. Gram negative, belong to the Gammaproteobacteria, and contain internal membranes of vesicular type with bacteriochlorophyll a and carotenoids as pho-tosynthetic pigments.

Photolithoautotrophic growth under anoxic conditions in the light with sulfide and S0 as electron donors. During oxidation of sulfide, S0 stored inside the cells in the form of highly refractile globules. Final oxidation product is sulfate. In the presence of sulfide and bicarbonate, simple organic substrates are photoas-similated. Chemotrophic growth at reduced oxygen partial pressure.

Habitat: surface layers of marine and salt lake sediments and microbial mats containing hydrogen sulfide.

Type species : Thiorhodovibrio winogradskyi Overmann, Fischer and Pfennig 1993, 188 (Effective publication: Overmann, Fischer and Pfennig 1992, 334.)

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